Standing at the murkey pond was a little girl holding a handmade bamboo fishing pole. She tired of standing and found a rotted old log to sit on. A dragon fly was buzzing irritatingly around her. She could see minnows swimming close to shore. Her mind was a million miles away in thought. It was a release from the tension in her homelife.

At home, when the squabbling began, she had snuck out of the house, grabbed her fishing pole and a can of wiggly worms, which she had dug up the day before. And had hiked a few blocks away to the pond. She hoped by the time she got home, the fighting would have stopped.

Fights between her parents was a frequent occurence. To escape the turmoil, she often had to escape the house.

After spending most of the day away from home, she gathered up her fishing equipment and the bucket that held the few fish she had caught, and started home. But when she got within sight of the house, she saw a gathering of people, several police cars, and an ambulance. Her heart almost stopped with fright.

One of her neighbors saw her, took hold of her hand, and drew her into a house nearby. There she waited in the kitchen, with milk and cookies, for someone to tell her what had happened at her own home.

~ Sharon ( ~
May 2004



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