He told her what she wanted to hear,
After spending the winter alone.
She took delight when he called her “dear”,
And near purred, hearing him on the phone.

“My darling woman, I’ve missed you so,
Since we got together Thanksgiving.
But now, sweetheart, I want you to know
That it’s back in town I’ll be living.”

“Oh, my goodness, isn’t that just great,”
She said, feeling her heart beat faster.
“You must come see me soon. I can’t wait -
But are you still married to Aster?”

The briefest of pauses from him then,
And he confessed there’d been no divorce.
But “Soon!” he promised her once again -
“She remained in Florida, of course.”

Her eyes were brimming with tears at that.
Time and again, he gave her his word.
Yet, nevertheless, she loved the rat -
Her eighty-seven year old snowbird.

~ RickMack (jotoma@bellsouth.net) ~
© May 2004



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