Dim morning light peeked through the spaces between the vertical blinds, so I could tell a new day was coming. I stood up, stretched and then quietly jumped off the foot of the bed so as not to disturb Frannie. I hopped onto the windowsill and poked my head through the blinds.

Right away I knew this day was different. Everything looked different. First of all, the birds were not singing. In fact, I couldn't see birds anywhere. There were no squirrels darting through the trees. Where was everybody? All I could see outside was a thick haze of white stuff that hid the world from my view. I could hardly see the bushes next to the window. And the car Frannie had parked outside was almost hidden from sight. Everything was coated with this strange, thick haze. I shook my head from side to side thinking something was wrong with my eyes. But the thick haze remained. I had never seen anything like it before. I've seen snow and rain, sleet and falling leaves. I've seen lightning and sunshine. But this was different.

By now, Frannie was stirring under the covers, so I jumped back on the bed and nuzzled her. "Frannie, get up. Get up and come see what's outside!" I whispered. After much prodding from my cold wet nose, Frannie got up and followed me to the window. "Oh, TomCat," she said. "That's FOG. Haven't you ever seen fog before?"

Frannie rubbed my head and laughed. A sudden clap of thunder sent both of us back to bed, safe from the roaring noises that were now filling the room. Frannie lay deep under the covers and I snuggled on top at her feet. I tried to get her to share the pillow once, but she threw a fit and locked me out of the bedroom. She is too darn fussy, that's a fact.

~ Frannie (Frannie516@aol.com) ~
May 2004



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